East Providence Arts Council (EPAC) is made up of enthusiastic residents of the city working to create a thriving Arts Community. Our goals include vibrant art displays created by artists and members of the community in our public spaces. A yearly Arts Festival. Various events throughout the year showcasing artists and bringing the community out to support them. Helping create an environment for theatrical and dance performances. Working with local businesses that provide live entertainment and allow art displays by helping promote their business and the various shows they put on. Act as a liason to city hall to bring to their attention the needs of the artistic community and showing how support of the arts can become an economic driver for the city.

The East Providence Arts Council is a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to creating a thriving arts community in East Providence.​

​Current Board Members are

CHAIRMAN-Rick Lawson
VICE CHAIR-Courtney Rook Repoza 

Annette Mozzoni
Eileen Socha
David Sluter

Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon

Karen Orsi

Diane Feather

Cheryl Shaw


FESTIVAL-Courtney Rook Repoza-Director, Bill Hurley-Entertainment Director, Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon, Jade Sisti, Christine Lilly, Kristen Lund

STATEGIC PLANNING-Rick Lawson, Jeanne Boyle, Eileen Socha, Annette Mozzoni, Courtney Rook Repoza

EDUCATION-Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon, Jade Sisti, Karen Orsi

PERFOMANCE-Bill Hurley, Karen Orsi, Tony Ottone, Rick Lawson

GALLERY-Jen Gillooly Cahoon, Rachel Brask, Cheryl Shaw



The board meets once a month to handle administrative duties of the organization.