EPAC's aim is to showcase a diverse body of writers who represent many genres and disciplines. The fee is $25 for a shared 10x10 space. Please fill out the form below. A submission form and payment are required before being accepted to participate.


Payment can be submitted via PayPal via the Donate button below or by check payable to East Providence Arts Council, mailed to East Providence Arts Council, 19 Plum Rd., Riverside RI 02915.

‚ÄčIndemnification: By submitting the form below below, I hereby expressly indemnify The East Providence Arts Council, and The City of East Providence, and all employees and agents and volunteers of the above, from any and all costs or liabilities associated with my participating at the Looff, including any and all possible injury to myself or my employees or agents. My participation is voluntary and is done at my own risk. I am not an employee or agent of The East Providence Arts Council. I understand that the above parties are expressly not responsible for loss or damage to my work arising from any cause including weather, the public or any other hazard, nor for the safety of myself, or any of my employees, interns, friends, volunteers, etc. 

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The Looff Author Application