Featured Artist

Riverside Vinny


In today’s society, a true musician (who plays out often) is following their heart and passion for the music that they play.  They are musicians, storytellers, and entertainers that influence people both young and old.

Riverside Vinny, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Riverside Vinny and the Revolution Band, grew up surrounded by music.  His father is a talented musician who plays multiple instruments such as guitar, pedal steel, violin, piano, and accordion.  But it doesn’t stop there! His aunt and uncle played guitar and trumpet too. Throughout his childhood, Sunday afternoons at his parents’ house were known as “Jam Day”.  Local musicians from his hometown of Bristol, RI would gather to jam, hang out, and have an all around good time.   Because of growing up in such a musical environment, a love of music was fostered.  At the age of 8, Riverside Vinny first picked up the guitar.  During his teen years he was involved with local garage bands and he began hitting the club scene in 1985.  Throughout his 30 year involvement with the club scene/music business, Riverside Vinny has started numerous bands including Riverside Blues and Voodoo Doctors.  He has recorded a CD with Big Noise Records (Providence, RI) and his favorite recording locale is Newcastle Sound (Barrington, RI).  Riverside Vinny has graced the stage far and wide.  He has played locally in Providence and Boston, nationally in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin, Texas, and internationally in London and Taipei, Taiwan.  Vinny has been inspired by many musical acts including Randy Rhodes, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Buddy Guy, and Morris Holt.

                The art of creating handcrafted guitars is in Vinny’s blood.  Back on the Azorean Island of Faial his grandfather, Frank, made both guitars and mandolins.  During the 80s Vinny’s passion for all things guitar began.  Not only did he begin to play guitar, but his desire to see how a guitar works surfaced.  At first Vinny would tinker with the electronic components of his guitar.  This led him to doing his own repairs and maintain on his guitars.  Finally, Vinny decided to tackle making his own guitar.  When deciding what material to use for his guitar Vinny wanted to be original. After driving by an old mill that was being remodeled into condos he had an idea.  He chose to use reclaimed wood, like the wood from the old mill. All his guitars use reclaimed wood that ranges from 200 through 400 years old.  Because of this each handcrafted guitar is like a fingerprint, everyone is different.