Jade Sisti
Drawing, painting

Masters in Art Ed,

Emily Farnsworth

Landscape, portrait and abstract painter, living in Rhode Island and attending Rhode Island College with a major in painting. 

Karen Murphy

Oil painter of contemplative landscapes and seascapes. Karen enjoys translating her experiences into creations that connect with the soul. Her paintings are serene and captivating with a poetic quality.​

Irene Pellegrino

Painter, oil and acrylic

Irene creates imaginative pieces inspired by people, places and nature. She also paints pet and people portraits. 

Judith Gates-Dogues Gallery

Creates personal artwork individualized for each client.
Showcased originally in 1983, Yankee Magazine

Theresa F Lynch

 Photographer, Life coach, metaphysical healer  , I . Hercamera reveals what her eyes see and her heart feels. ​

Rachel Brask

graphic designer and abstract oil painter of bold color and texture exploring spontaneity vs. structure

Garrett Sheehan​

Photographer and Graphic Designer,
works evoke themes of quiet reflection, wildlife, natural surrealism.

​​Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon

Painter - Focuses on the human form, portraits of well-known people with her own personal twist

Walter Canavan
Painter sculptor pencils and tattoo.

Erik Giorgi
Painter and paint teacher.

Uses art to show the beauty of the world around us